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Tissue and Disease team: Dr James Dooley

Team Leader: Dr James Dooley

Expert scientist: Dr Oliver Burton

Post-doctoral Fellow: Dr Emanuela Pasciuto

PhD student: Evelyne Roos

Technical support: Jeason Haughton


Molecular Tregs team: Dr Susan Schlenner

Team Leader: Dr Susan Schlenner

Post-doctoral Fellow: Dr Aleksandra Brajic

PhD students: Dean Franckaert, Steffie Junius

Technical support: Anna Lastuvkova, Marjolein Gielis


Primary Immunodeficiency team: Dr Stephanie Humblet-Baron


Team Leader: Dr Stephanie Humblet-Baron

Expert scientists: Dr Vasiliki Lagou, Dr Teresa Prezzemolo

PhD students: Dr Erika Van Nieuwenhove