Translational Immunology Laboratory

The Translational Immunology Lab works on Treg biology, the role of tissue in immune diseases and the genetics of primary immunodeficiencies


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The Molecular Treg team works on the molecular aspects of regulatory T cell biology. We have previously identified new subsets of Tregs, capable of controlling the vaccine response, and uncovered a fundamental asymmetry in the immune regulation of Tregs. We have also characterised the homeostasis control of Tregs, identifying the key players in Treg apoptosis. A key technical focus on the Molecular Treg team is genome engineering, with a strong expertise in CrispR technology based in the team.

Key papers: 

Linterman et al, Nature Medicine 2011

Pierson et al, Nature Immunology 2013.

Liston and Gray, Nature Reviews Immunology 2014.

The projects are currently funded by the FWO.