Adrian Liston is Professor of Translational Immunology at the University of Leuven and the VIB, Belgium. His PhD research was on T cell tolerance and diabetes with Professor Chris Goodnow at the Australian National University, followed by post-doctoral research on regulatory T cell biology with Professor Sasha Rudensky at the University of Washington. Since 2009 Adrian has run his own independent laboratory at the VIB and the University of Leuven, in Belgium. The laboratory works on understanding the balance between immunity and tolerance, and how perturbations drive disease. Current major topics of research are primary immunodeficiencies, regulatory T cells, and the local interaction between the immune system and tissues. As well as running a research laboratory, Adrian also founded and directs the flow cytometry and CrispR Cores at Leuven. Adrian Liston has been awarded the Francqui Chair, Eppendorf prize and two ERC grants, among other honours.

Adrian Liston has published more than 130 scientific papers, with over 5000 citations, including key publications in the fields of:

  • thymus biology (Liston et al, Nature Immunology 2003; Liston et al, JEM 2004; Papadopoulou et al, Nature Immunology 2012)
  • diabetes (Liston et al, Immunity 2004; Nature Genetics 2016)
  • immunodeficiency-autoimmunity (Siggs et al, Immunity 2007; Liston et al, Nature Reviews Immunology 2008)
  • human immunology (Carr et al, Nature Immunology 2016; Masters et al, Science Translational Medicine 2016)
  • regulatory T cell biology (Liston et al, JEM 2008; Linterman et al, Nature Medicine 2011; Pierson et al, Nature Immunology 2013; Liston and Gray, Nature Reviews Immunology 2014).

For a complete list of laboratory publications, click here.

- Master of Public Health
- PhD (Medical Sciences)
- Graduate Certificate in Higher Education
- Bachelor of Science Honours
- Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)

Major awards

2001 - University Medal, Adelaide University
2005 - Frank Fenner Medal, Australian National University
2006 - RJ Menzies Leadership Award
2010 - ERC Start Grant Award
2010 - JDRF Career Development Award

2015 - Dr. Karel-Lodewijk Prize, Belgium
2016 - Francqui Chair
2016 - Eppendorf Award
2016 - ERC Consolidator Award