Conflict of interests declarations

AL is an employee of the University of Leuven and the VIB. The spouse of AL is an ex-employee of UCB and B&D and a current employee of the ECPC.

Patents and provisional patents

Inventor on EP131670416 ‘Mcl-1 as critical regulator of Foxp3+ regulatory T cell survival, and use thereof to treat severe immune disorders’.

Inventor on EP14173514.2 ‘Methods for selective cell ablation’.

Inventor on EP16195675.0 ‘Means and methods to influence the immune response’.

Paid consulting

2012, consulting for Gerson Lehrman Group.

Shares and managed funds

No financial interest in shares or managed funds since 2008. No shares ever held in a company in the life sciences sector

Contract research

The laboratory has performed contract research for:

2016-2017, Complix

2016, Noxxon

2015, Complix

Contract research makes up less than 1% of the laboratory budget


Last updated November 2016