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Garvin Institute, Sydney

Me with my host, Prof Shane Grey, and former PhD mentor, Prof Chris Goodnow

Lunch with post-docs and PhD students to discuss science and science careers


Congratulations Dr Franckaert!

Congratulations to Dr Dean Franckaert, for successfully defending his PhD! Dean has been in the lab almost since the start, first as a job student running genotyping PCRs, then a Masters student and finally a PhD. We will surely miss such an amazing scientist, and amazing person, in our lab.


Congratulations to Dr Emanuela Pasciuto

Dr Emanuela Pasciuto was successful in obtaining a highly competitive FWO post-doctoral fellowship to continue her neuroimmunology research in our laboratory.

She is a wonderful role model as a young mother who is a highly successful scientist. Congratulations Manu!


Good luck to our Masters class of 2017!


MutaMouse is open!

MutaMouse, our new genome engineering Core Facility, is now open! Come talk to us about making KO or KI mice for you!


Major upgrade to FACS Core

Our FACS Core is making major investments to equipment this year. We already have a new ImageStream, for image cytrometry, and a new Melody, for easy access sorting. Our latest arrival is the BD FACS Symphony, the pinnacle of flow cytometry, capable of 30-parameter single cell analysis!


MutaMouse Core Facility

Visit our website and found out what we can do for you!


10 years ERC at the VIB



Congratulations to Prof Schlenner!

Our very own Susan Schlenner was just announced as a winner of the BOF-ZAP competition for a prestigious research professorship at the University of Leuven!


International science

This is a time when the international nature of science is under threat - from Brexit, Trump and war, the movement of scientists is being restricted, and with it the scientific advantages of 'brain circulation'.

Just how international an endeavour is science? At the moment, our lab has 21 researchers: 12 are international (from 12 different countries) and 9 are Belgian. 

Over the past 8 years, our lab has trained 113 young scientists. 52 have been Belgian, 61 have been international (31 from the EU, 30 from outside the EU, from 32 nationalities). Belgium has benefited from this international talent, our researchers benefited from being trained here, and the country of origin benefits from the additional training they receive. Immigration is a win-win!

While I am discussing demographics, it is worth noting that 65% of my trainees have been women, so if any departments are struggling to hire female Professors just ask - there are lots of amazing women coming out of my lab.