Translational Immunology Laboratory

The Translational Immunology Lab works on both the discovery (Treg biology, diabetes) and applied (genetics, human disease) aspects of translational immunology


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Within the Translational Immunology laboratory we have two major research divisions: Discovery Immunology and Applied Immunology.

Discovery Immunology focuses on unravelling more of the basic biology of the immune system, with an emphasis on regulatory T cells and the process of diabetes. This discovery program has led to the molecular understanding of thymic involution, the identification of a new subset of regulatory T cells, and the first really comprehensive understanding of what controls regulatory T cell number. The Discovery Immunology division feeds our Applied Immunology division, allowing us to translate advances in immunology at the highest level.

Applied Immunology focuses on the human immune system, containing our immune phenotyping platform and gene discovery program. The gene discovery program has lead to the identification of multiple new primary immunodeficiencies and inflammatory diseases, including treatments for the newly identified CECR1 (ADA2)-deficiency, identifying the immune component of Olmsted syndrome and identifying IFIH1 mutations as a cause for juvenile lupus